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please, please close your eyes

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Sunday, February 14th, 2010
3:32 am
Megan: I love you and I'm stealing this from you!


Ask me anonymous questions, LJ people!
...which I think totals to about 5 people woooo!

current mood: tired
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Sunday, December 21st, 2008
8:53 pm
I read this really interesting thing on meditation through a google gadget[fucking love those things] and felt like sharing:

"Imagine yourself as a child lying on your back, gazing into a cloudless sky and blowing soap bubbles through a plastic ring. As a bubble drifts up into the sky, you watch it rise and this brings your attention into the sky. While you are looking at the bubble, it pops, and you keep your attention right where the bubble had been. Your awareness now lies in empty space. - B. Alan Wallace"

I think its pretty neat =)

current mood: calm
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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
8:57 pm
Ugh I've been so crazy busy!
I managed to see the movie The Fountain the other night which was absolutely amazing & I recommend it to everyone!
Work has been okay. I'm liking it better. I absolutely love love LOVE the people I work with which is always a plus =)
Slept through two classes already..its so hard with all the hours I'm doing with work and all the shitty drama that pops up at night making it hard to sleep..I don't know.
I've been eating lots o' sushi lately =D I don't think I can ever get sick of it..its just so incredibly amazing especially after a long day of work and long hours of school ahead.
speaking of which. I gotta stop fuckin around on the internets and get some work done! =\

current mood: aggravated
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Thursday, August 21st, 2008
9:50 pm
Its over, its all over now. I can breathe again

current mood: calm
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Friday, August 8th, 2008
11:03 am - gahhh!
stop it, horoscope! stop being so freakishly accurate!
"Your life should be humming along in the mid-Leo summer Sun, yet beneath the appearance of the fun and games, something may be missing. If you are uncomfortable or sad because you don't have more love in your life at this time, don't waste energy feeling sorry for yourself. It's really not about finding a compatible person and living happily ever after. It's about being committed to expressing your love, even if it isn't appreciated in the way you desire."

This is almost exactly how I feel! Except I already followed the advice =D
It makes me pretty excited to see that something like that can somehow be interpreted through the stars!
or maybe they just write down common situations and advice and hope itll relate to some people
either way, I love it

current mood: happy
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Friday, July 4th, 2008
5:38 am
I had a wonderful day today =)
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Thursday, June 26th, 2008
2:40 pm
"Hi. Can I speak with Kathy?"
"Hi! How are you?!"
"Hi.Who is this?"
"This is Nina! I had filled out an application and briefly spoke with you on Friday and I would just like to check up on the status of it[or something like this]"
"Oh. Uh. Whats you're availability?"
"I'm fully available until college starts sometime late August. Then its part-time!"
"oh. Are you going away to college?"
"Did you talk to me?"
"Yes..but very shortly, you had to leave.."
"Oh. Uh. Okay. Can you come in today after 4?"

I want to work for this lady =D
Can't waiit to have a job againnn.
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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
9:59 pm
If you ever see two crazy girls running and dancing around a parking lot at about 2 in the morning, you can safely assume they are best friends in every sense of the word <3

We went to the beach, we went to a belly dancing lesson, we have amazing plans for this and next year. Who could ever ever ask for more. Finally, now that we're together, we are unstoppable =D No more sitting around playing video games for hours and hours and hours! [Well, okay, maybe a little bit ;)]

Thank you for coming back into my life!
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Friday, June 6th, 2008
9:12 am - =D
Well I'm not sure why I'm awake at this hour, but I decided I should write a to-do list and bore all my friends that actually read this! bwahahahahaa

-get a feckin' job!
-see more people
-borrow those psych books from the library
-work at the library!!
-I think that'll be nice..
-How hard can it be? Its nice and quiet, I get to be around books<3 I literally roll down the hill and I'm there! Saves gas money
-I don't think unnecessarily bitchy people would be my main customers..as was so in my other happy joy fun workplaces
-well work isn't supposed to be fun..
-stop talking to self
-stop being generally emo
-stop being afraid to talk to people!
-especially on the phone! come on, they can't even see you and you could just hang up if you fail *that* badly
-k, really stop talking to yourself
-you know what...stop worrying about the future, goddamnit!!

you know I should stop right there. Fuck it. I need to relax and just let things work out as they come

My inner voice needs to step up and kick me more often =)

In Case Of Sadness Click LinkCollapse )
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Saturday, May 3rd, 2008
2:18 am
I literally danced the depression away again =D
and it felt lovely<3
I'm starting to get the hang of it, I can actually shimmy now!! I want to watch my progress so I think I'm going to try to find a way to video tape myself.
I can't wait to start real lessons!!!

current mood: happy
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Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
10:19 pm
The lunar eclipse was beautiful

current mood: okay
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Wednesday, February 13th, 2008
5:44 pm
you have influenza.. sort of
This better stop before Floridaaa

current mood: DEATH
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Thursday, January 31st, 2008
5:33 pm

current mood: giggly
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Friday, January 25th, 2008
10:17 pm
Well, I've been dancing more whenever my roommate isn't around and its been helping me feel a lot lot lot better. Finally bought a really nice scale for 20 bucks! wo0o!
For readers that are lost, or the future me that forgot: I've been mesmerized and insanely inspired by Rachel Brice for quite some time now and have been slowly trying to delve into what I want to do without fear. It feels amazingggg! Don't feel like explaining what it is exactly, its something a bit complicated and long I've established in my own mind[for those of you who know who Rachel is- my goal is much more than just being the best belly dancer EVAR, btw!]. And anyway, my future self should surely know [and hopefully practice/be]..

**But anyway, to the point: I want to make this day official that I will truly and whole-heartedly begin to fearlessly pursue what I've always dreamed of!
Yoga is a good step in the direction as well which is every Thursday at 5:30. I'm proud I went even though the instructor didn't show up and my friends here weren't the most supportive, but thats okay<3

My only weakness that I will allow myself to give into: cheeessyyy poooofffsss!!!!!!!<3<3<3

k. Heres to making all my dreams come true all by myself[the best way to do it, in my opinion]!

current mood: determined
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Monday, January 14th, 2008
1:36 pm
really really long weird dreamCollapse )
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Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
8:00 pm
farmingdale's program that I was planning on going into is closed cause I can't keep track of my life lololol.

so. I don't really know what to do with myself. I guess I can go in for liberal arts then switch it, but I feel like its not that simple..

[this is hopefully where my future self, upon reading this, bursts into laughter and thinks of how silly she used to be. while sipping expensive champagne on her private jet heading towards Egypt.]

this is my problem. all I do is dream

current mood: disappointed
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Friday, January 4th, 2008
7:08 pm - uptiiiiiiight
I'm happpyyy!
even if I shouldn't be
I'm hoping I can see more people before I leave..
weee pointless entry =D

current mood: cheerful
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Tuesday, December 25th, 2007
1:37 am - We'll see the universe and dance on Saturn's rings!!
!! something got me thinking about my old favorite disney movies and after listening to my favorite Thumbelina scene/song, I decided I must share [yes I've had it saved in my favorites, its that intense]


I want a Cornelius =(

Then that got me thinking of The Swan Princess which was another favorite<3<3 and how when we had the tape of it, my mom named it "the swamp prancess"
haha. wow.
I need to see those again
Along with Aladin and Lion King, of course

I hope wal-mart sells them, my mom threw out all my tapes..they should

current mood: nostalgic
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Monday, December 24th, 2007
2:46 am - The color of you is for angels
merry early christmas everybody that reads thissss!! Normally, I'd bitch about having nothing to do since I'm a jew[and i love the witches brew/will stay there till two/excuse me while I tie my shoe...k.], but I got lucky with Zach's family. and surprisingly everything turned out okay between us.
annnnd I might get some more ink injected into me since I was stupid and didnt lotion it enough so the beautiful brown faded a bit..I mean, its still really nice but the other brown was /better/. anyway, I think I'll try to get a picture of it cause I want to remember how it looks fresh and in my earlier years in case it gets gross later on in life, which it shouldnt..+ I need to show it off to the interwebs. I wish I would have taken one when I first got it
p.s. Irina is one of the awesomest people evar!!

current mood: tired
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Friday, December 21st, 2007
3:55 pm - yippeeee?
I'm back in Commack!!
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